Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Word play

Look Ma, I split an

I free my mind de-liberate-ly

I make the light bow before the rain ........ seven times over

My achievements are CAPITAL

I can bend a sentence
------------------------- at
edges its

I CcOrNeSaUtMeE what I

The circle is my full world, I preside at the center, while the world comes a full circle

Is it me playing with the words or are the words playing me?


Geetanjali said...


eeesh! said...

hey, need your help one more time. am rushing against deadline which is well, kal, so please, please help me out.

Can you tell me if Roja's lyrics in Hindi were by PK Mishra (who used to do bad translations like sex mere man mein ho, mix mere tan mein ho).Also, who choreographed Rukmani Rukmani? And who were those dancers - the one who was also there in Humma and the woman with him- both of them lipsynched to baba sehgal and Shweta Shetty.

One last question, I can't remember when I saw Dalpathy last, can you tell me if Sonu Walia had a role in it or was she just there for that janeman aja aja song?

I desperately need help!
thanks so much.

Jahnvi said...

Was that poetry? Good one though!!

Btw, I have moved blogs, hope to see you around at the new place.

Parth said...

Eeesh, why don't you ask me about 'Hindi' films? :-)
1. Yes, the lyrics were by PK Mishra
2. Raju Sundaram danced in Rukmani Rukmani. I don't know who the female was
3. I haven't seen Dalapathy, do don't know if Sonu Walia's role was extended or not.

Jahnvi, I'll check our your new location later today. It isn't quite poetry. I don't have a structure to it. Just thought of experimenting on giving words a new dimension.

Sarita said...

*clap clap clap * ...awesome job !!!

phucker said...

"The Pen may be mightier than the Sword, but I shall look like a damn fool reciting a poem when I want to chop someone's head off!!!" - P.G. Wodehouse....

Vinay said...

I pick de-liberate-ly the best one.

Reshma Sanyal said...

Very interesting. I particularly liked the create/consume bit.

aparna said...

This was good. I liked -
I make the light bow before the rain ........ seven times over.

Damn good!

Bhim said...

Nice Post!

My inclination is towards Jbmulde Wdros.

Tejal said...

Hello Parth - I liked the word play experiment. "I free my mind de-liberate-ly" esp.

Thank you for your comment on my blog - no idea when you posted it.

sagar said...

I didn't get this one:
I make the light bow before the rain ........ seven times over