Friday, April 29, 2005

Its Freeday today

It is a Friday and I am home because we got the day off. It is hard to describe the gleeful sadistic feeling one gets when one sits on the balcony and watches office-goers heading to work aiming to survive the day and see it through the wekeend. In Bombay, the monsoons would always guarantee a day or two off in the early two months of school. As a kid, I would look forward to that. I would with a surge of excitement follow the rains through the evening when the heavens would pour down. When time came to go to bed, I would secretly wish that the rains would continue steadily, and when I opened my eyes in the morning, I would ask my father if it had been raining all night. Ah, those times.
The pleasures of an Extra holiday, that which was not promised, not indicated, simply afforded by a quirk in the normal sequence of events makes for added happiness. As I sit here and enjoy the classic 'Snatch' having caught glimpses of a Gujarati movie for a while earlier on and enjoyed an extra cup of coffee with good breakfast to boot, I see the day progressing nicely. Of course, I couldn't resist checking my office e-mail through this morning, but that's something I do even on weekends. To cap it off, I'll be watching Kaal in the theatres tonight.

Currently watching : Snatch, Tango Charlie, Born on the 4th of July, Twisted
Currently reading : Nothing, and I want to change that
Currently listening: Kaal, Bunty and Bubli, The Best of Shakti


phucker said...

Ah Snatch... so many good lines...:

"Who is going to mug two black men sitting in a car that is worth less than your shirt?"

"So what do I call you? Bullet? Tooth? Tony?"
"You can call me Susan if it makes you happy"

"Yea, you know, mary-fucking-poppins, cup-o-tea, bad food, worse weather, LONDON!"

"Anything to declare?"
"Yea, Don't go to London!"

"So what happens to the hare then?"
"Well the hare get's fucked"
"Wha, Proper fucked?".
"Yes, Tommy, Proper Fucked!"

"No thank you Turkish, I'm Sweet Enough!"

"...before Ze Germans get here"

and of course:
"Need to have a shyte!" (said in an incomprehensible gypsy accent)

phucker said...

oh as a suggestion for things to read you may want to try "Guns, Germs & Steel" by Jared Diamond. It's a difficult read, but some parts of it are really interesting....

sd said...


I remember those Mumb rains...and the missed classes...those were great days!

aparna said...


Unfortunately Delhi never had much luck with rains. Well not as much as Mumbai and Kolkata. Kolkata of course has always been fortunate enough to have 'bandhs' to accompany monsoons.

Here in HK its Typhoons. Have seen several warnings issued since i came here, but no typhoons experienced yet. Would like to change that!

Hmmm...kaal. Was going through the reviews. Seems like worth-watching. Will wait for a review from you. :-)


Geetanjali said...

How do you manage to see so many movies simultaneously? ;-)

Hey me too waiting for your review of Kaal - I've kinda added you to the list of reviews I read before I see a movie ;-) ;-)

PS The tulips photographs just blew my mind away - one of my favourite flowers, I think they were very scarcely appreciated in India (not to mention rarely available and if so, at an exorbitant price!)

Parth said...

Tarun: yup, you recounted most of my favorite lines too. This movie is a classic, and surprisingly, Guy Ritchie made it.

Aparna and Geetanjali: Will have to dissapoint you guys this time. I was out with some people who were too tired to go for the movie :-(. Vox populi, vox die. Respecting the voice of majority, I skipped the movie. My weekend schedule is packed so I don't think I'll be catching this in the theaters. So, if any of you sees this, please let me know how it goes.

A. Diddy said...

hello....friend of Geetanjali dropping in!

so Gujarati movie eh? Interesting chhe...didn't even know we had a Gujju movie industry! :)

RTD2 said...

What's "Twisted"? How's Tango Charlie?
Yupp..Snatch is one of the funnest movies ever..if u can get used to the accent! I love how it all wraps back to the beginning in the end..sorta like Fight Club. Btw, I read that 2 weeks back, and am currently reading America-the book (Jon Stewart for president of the galaxy!) and 'the curious incident of the dog in the night-time'. there u go, 3 recommendations.