Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life's A Sneeze

Oh ignominy, oh humiliation
A sorry little sight to behold
Of all conspiracies to bring me down
The one that worked is common cold?

P.S> I have contracted the popular sore throat, body ache, fever, cold 'viral' going around, and its irritating to the core. Especially when the 5 mile beat-the-bridge race is due this Sunday.
P.P.S> Given that the thought process is too blocked to allow creative writing, I'll just wait for the mucus to settle.


RagzZmatazZ said...

Good to see the cold hasnt clogged up your creative mind :)

get well soon :) !!!

shreya said...

mucous to settle???


that said- get well!

Anonymous said...

then you can violently expel all thoughts of "marathorns" along with the mucus, one hopes.
Get well soon. One dose of chicken soup coming up.

Parth the Ponderer said...

I know a guy with an up-to-date poetic license,
whose words fill the blog readers with cool fumes straight from a burning incense,
I wonder what this richmondite,
has in his diet,
that protects him from threats to his poetic ardour,
but can't save him from the bad old common cold!!

-That same ol' annoying teen from New Delhi trying his luck at poetry.
P.S. Waiting for my class/grade 10 board results. If I get above 90% I'll get my first electric Guitar (Bored of the acoustic one)

Ankit said...

Beautiful posts (not this one :-))... meanwhile I took something from one of your posts. The Raincoat poetry by Gulzar. Thanks for the full poem. I have posted it at http://ishtiyaaq.blogspot.com/ under Gulzar...

Parth said...

@Rags: Thanks for the wishes :-)

@Shreya: Err, ya, I can be excused for liguistic horrors.

@Nocturne: Chicken soup for sole? Wonderful gesture, but I am a vegetarian :-) And no, the marathorn ain't going anywhere. I will run, having practiced for it.

@Parth: All the best for your results. Must confess that my boards seems a long way back. In 93. You make me feel old :-)

@Ankit: Thanks dude. I visited your site and went through your collection. Good stuff.

sd said...

tAke it easy. Hope you are feeling bestter already