Monday, May 22, 2006


The city deconstructed and reconstructed itself around his bike. It was as if he was flowing through a viscous fluid, cutting a straight line across the forces that were trying to hold him back. They ultimately lost, those silly molecules. Rearranging themselves around him, they paid obeisance by shaping a green outline around his form. The lights danced celebrating his speed, the life in those molecules turned around to look at their hero as if watching a ticker parade.

This was his day. He was Iceman and Maverick rolled into one. Beneath his helmet, the wind whispered the secrets of the stratosphere to him. Iron and steel and fuel were needed to be privy to those words. The common people, who trudged at the speed of snails could never aspire to that knowledge. Not everyone can have a conversation with the wind. The wind will hear you, if you can talk at its frequency.

Today he reached it. He found that perfect pitch, that audible tone. Thrust into that realm by the engine of his Kawasaki, he felt nature coming together to fill in his loneliness. An invisible hand guided his progress out of the city. Beyond the mundane, beyond the static, beyond the teeming masses. He watched the world move around him, rotating in its own turmoil, as he felt an odd sense of detachment creep in. At 180 miles per hour, he found stillness.

P.S> A colleague of mine recently bought a bike. This was inspired by his acquisition. I never had a bike and probably never will. That shouldn’t stop me from writing about it, should it?
P.P.S> I beat the bridge.


ElizaG said...

Hey- love your writing, especially the last paragraph. Sigh- reminds me of why I gave up trying to write..
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Thanks heaps!

Anonymous said...

unleash your inner hell's angel!! you reminded me of grease ii, you did! and speaking of "a cool rider" - yay, you beat the bridge.

Niranjan said...

kudos on beating the bridge! wonder if you found your own moment of stillness during the run :-)

Parth said...

@Eliza: Thanks. I'll have a look at the site when I get the chance.

@Nocturne: Thanks :-) Beating the bridge was satisfying. Especially so since I beat it with 20 seconds to go.

@Niranjan: Thanks. I did find that moment of stillness during the run around halfway. I had to stop to catch my breath :-)