Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Early morning quota of browsing

Mornings in Bombay were good. My father would habitually and diligently read the newspaper each morning over a cup of coffee, and I picked up the habit from him. Of course, our "pattern" of reading the paper was different. I'd start from the last ... the sports page. After that came the cartoons, then the headlines, news about the city, and the editorial. Somehow, news about the business world would not excite me as much. Of course, all of this was to be had with a cup (and I must add the saucer here) of refreshing coffee that my Mom would make. Wonderful start to the day.

Things changed once I got here to the US. Firstly, we never got any newspaper here. They seemed expensive and redundant when I was a student. The coverage in the local newspapers is hardly worth reading, and the sports page is a major disappointment (what, no photo of Sachin!!! he just crossed 13000 runs!!!) Now that I have a PC at home, the newspaper has been replaced by my keyboard, and the coffee is still refreshing.

I have settled into a habit of checking a set of sites for 20-30 minutes each morning before I leave for work. I think I need to streamline it better. Maybe change the list a bit, try something new. I'd appreciate any suggestions on the same. So, here goes
-- TimesOfIndia (Yes, yes, it is a tabloid, but I have read their newspaper since I could read one)
-- Google News
-- New York Times
-- Mid-day (I need my dose of Mumbai-specific happenings)
-- Rediff (for news, movies, cricket)
-- Indiafm (my daily dose of Bollywood happenings)
-- Dilbert (daily dose of humor)
-- Slashdot (a brief glance into the geek world)
-- Cricinfo (there is always some cricket happening all around the world)

Do chime in and let me know if your list differs from mine


Avinash said...

I think I will add Mid-day, rediff and cricinfo to my list. BTW the rediff page doesnt seem to refresh very often, I dont know why.
As for u, u might wanna add BBC worldservice, Indian Express and Calvin and Hobbes to ur list.

Sunil said...


The strangest thing... I follow the same site pattern for my news. hahha. Can so relate to what you said abt newspapers here.

You write well. Liked reading your blog.

- sunil