Monday, August 09, 2004

The Magic of Abida Parveen

My Abida Parveen collection is growing, and I am thrilled about it. About a year back, I chanced upon the music album 'Faiz By Abida' online. It blew me away. Her full-throated voice, he style of singing with gay abandon (khuli-gayaki) was mind-blowing. Her voice reaches out and touches you in ways you do not expect it to. Added 'Mere Dil Se' to my collection after that. Now, I also have a 2-CD collection of her ghazals and another album titled 'Heer' with foreword by Gulzar.

Of course, she is predominantly a Sufi singer. However, I am not that inclined towards 'Dum Mast Kalandar' and the ilk. Ghazals make me stop everything I am doing and pay rapt attention :-)

P.S > She deserved a better debut than the one she got in 'Baghbaan' as far as Hindi movies go


Anirudh said...

sorry to state, but it's not her who has sung the song in Baghban. Infact its Richa Sharma who has sung that song. Unfortunately, quite a number of internet resources falsely put the credits in Abida Parveen's name(the bet the chief culprit is Infact, she was supposed to sing a song for Baghban, but somehow things didnt work out.

Parth said...

Hmm. Is that true Anirudh? I'd be glad if it is. The song was nothing to write home about. BTW, here's an antithesis to my post. I heard the first two ghazals on the album and found to my utter shock that the tunes are the exact same as a couple in 'Faiz by Abida' .... I mean, EXACTLY the same. Seems like a effort to come up with a 'quick' album. I am going to hear the rest of the album later today. Lets hope there is something better in there. She does have the same music director for all the CDs that I have (Bhavdeep Jaipurwale)