Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Geeks take over nostalgia

I was reading this article today morning. A Bayesian walk down memory lane isn't exactly the thrillride I expect when I hark back to the old days. Lets be practical though. They (the scientists out there) made a science out of dreams, they are making an effort to uncover how the brain works to the minutest details ... the romantics are being ignored entirely. Someday you will no longer be troubled with trying to memorize anything. You'd end up 'downloading' your journey through the day, your thoughts, ideas etc. onto a seemingly endless capacity hard drive.

Do I like it? Is it really the best thing to happen? I think I am ambivalent about it. How often have I forgotten names/places/faces/events that I'd love to remember and recall. I can either attribute it to bad memory or lack of attention. On the other hand, when I do recollect something out of the blue, it does bring a smile to my face. The moment when the recollection hits me is worth cherishing.

Aah well ..... too much psychobabble for a day.

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