Thursday, August 05, 2004

In search of a good blog name

Its a stumbling block. It really is. I have spent time trying to think of really interesting blog names that either
a. are really witty and funny
b. summarize in a few words what my blog is above
c. a combination of both
d. any original interesting-sounding phrase that I like.

These are some that crossed my mind.
1. Ciruclar circle
2. Sleep less in Seattle
3. Punnishment
4. Life etc
5. Binary reflections
6. Cogent Cogitations
7. Blog meets world
8. Papyrus leaves

The quest continues ...


Avinash said...

Why not decide of 3 or 4 and then hold a poll. You can ask many ppl u know to vote.

Nocturne said...

those ARE real good names. all i could come up with were too pink floyd -- inner spaces outer places, etc.
i loved "Punnishment"